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Telling the territory of Alta Umbria

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The Municipalities coming under Alta Umbria are 15.
Most of their inner cities’ nuclei were built in the Middle Ages
(between 13th and 14th Century), but almost all of them rised up
on more ancient villages

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Nature is one of the most precious treasures of Alta Umbria.
Among gentle hills and massive mountains, you will find incredibly
varied flora and fauna throughout the year, and an amazing
landscape all around our 15 Municipalities.

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Almost all the Municipalities in Alta Umbria date back to Roman or
pre-Roman ages.
In some of them, rests of previous, villages built by really ancient
Umbrian populations were found: they have been dated at 1st
millennium b.C.

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Crafts are a really important part of Alta Umbria’s identity.
The local craft, that developed and became refined throughout the
centuries, includes many different specialities, which secrets are
handed down from one generation to another and that generate
products of excellence, appreciated all over Italy and the world.



It is not possible to tell about Alta Umbria properly without talking
about the huge variety of its typical foods and dishes: the genuine,
natural and ancient flavours of this land get merged with it and are
an integral part of its identity.



Telling about Alta Umbria’s events means talking about a very
important piece of the local tradition. Feasts, religious events, local
products celebrations, music and cultural festivals beat the time of
our land, a place that offers a huge variety of occasions to relax,
have fun or learn more about the local culture.

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